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Take this plant and make it work!
Forbidden City, Beijing, China (1) Forbidden City, Beijing, China (2)/>
<img src= Forbidden City, Beijing, China (3) The Great Wall of China
Recent Project in China
Before establishing C.E.I., Dave was the Controls part of a team of specialists hired to go to Tian Jin (China) to recommission a plant originally built and used in Edmonton, luckily over the 2 trips (1 year apart to allow the client to prepare the building) we were able to do some sightseeing too!

Can you..

Design it to work in????
Flag of Japan Flag of Singapore Flag of Germany Union Flag
We can design equipment for use in other parts of the world.
Japan (yes, which part?) Singapore (yes), Germany (yes),the UK (yes) and others too! There are special design considerations which need to be investigated before building equipment for overseas (and commissioning it if neccesary), C.E.I. HAS that experience!

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