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CEI Products - Prototypes & Unique Control Systems
Prototypes, and other challenges...
Whatever you are trying to build we can help!
Baldor & Wago Control gear in a panel

Mitsubishi & Siemens equipment in control panel

Electrical controls, mechanical, pneumatics & hydraulics!
The Technical staff at C.E.I. have worked with many Mechanical Engineers and with them have succesfully developed and built control systems incorporating any (or all) of the following control methods:-

P.L.C.s, H.M.I.s, local and remote I/O systems,using both analog and discrete I/O,

Smart relays and conventional controls (pushbuttons and relays).

Motion controllers from several manufacturers,rotary and linear servo motors..

Integration with hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical systems for both control and feedback.

Safety equipment including light curtains and relays and other safety considerations.

Load cells, weigh scales, camera equipment and more.

We have the experience of working on and building many types of equipment and applications throughout several different industry sectors.

We have the experience of taking "plants" to other countries, of working in other countries, and of designing equipment for use in other countries.

All of our work is built using premium (certified for use in Canada) components and ready to be inspected to Canadian "Special Inspections" standards (often mistaken for CSA) which means that once it has been succesfully inspected it is certified for sale and use anywhere in Canada.(For more info see the Inspections page)

This ensures peace of mind for you as an end user or as a vendor. Our equipment is also built to comply with current C.E.C. standards (Canadian electrical Code).

For all your Electrical Control, Automation and Technical requirements contact C.E.I. first,
We guarantee that you WILL be pleased that you did!
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