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CEI Services - Electrical Control Systems

Electrical Control Systems

We work with clients and / or their Engineers / Design team to ensure that we understand the requirements of the project.
Once these are established we will work with you to develop a control system custom made for the specified equipment.
We will then assemble the control panel(s) and install them on your equipment and will work with your Engineering / Design team to commission the equipment ready to go into production
For custom and prototypical equipment (individual machines to complete plants), we are happy to take any project from "Prototype to Production".
If you need 1 or 100 of a machine C.E.I. can help you.
All of our new control systems are built to meet the standards set out by the Canadian Electrical Code (C.E.C.) and to meet the requirements of the "special inspection" certification (often mistakenly referred to as "CSA"), and all required documentation is included with each project completed by C.E.I.
If required we will schedule the inspection of the equipment by a certified inspection agency and will be present during the inspection to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. Once the special inspection is succesfully completed the equipment is certified for use (or sale) anywhere in Canada.
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