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CEI Services - Special Inspection notes

Inspection and Certification Assistance

In order to ensure that electrical equipment is safe for use in Alberta it is legislated that " No person shall manufacture, install, sell or offer for sale any equipment related to electrical systems for use in Alberta unless the equipment has been
(a) certified by a certification body in accordance with the certification body's terms of accreditation with Standards Council of Canada, or
(b) inspected by a inspection body in accordance with the inspection body's terms of accreditation with Standards Council of Canada"
(Copied verbatim from Electrical Safety Information Bulletin, Standata, April 2010)

How does this affect me??

Often imported or custom made machines are not certified for use in Alberta (or even Canada).When the time comes to connect power to the equipment the electrical inspector is not able to approve connection of a non inspected piece of equipment. Therefore a special inspection agency needs to be involved and any remedial work (as determined by the inspector) must be completed before the equipment can be used. This can be a very simple or involved procedure depending on the nature of the equipment in question. In the event that you have purchased (or are selling) a non approved / compliant machine in Canada we will complete the required work (as directed by the inspection agency) to ensure a succesful inspection of the machine which complies with current regulations for use and enables you to legally install (or sell) your equipment.

Please note:- C.E.I. is not an approved inspection agency, nor are we affiliated with an inspection agency, our involvement is purely to work to the recommendations of an inspector to ensure that equipment meets the currently legislated standards at the time of the special inspection and is therefore approved for use at that time.
Once the approval has been granted the equipment will be marked by the inspector who will attach an identifying label at that time.
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